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 I International Conference

Methods, models, technologies for sustainable development: agroclimatic projects and carbon neutrality

25 may 2022

Kadyrov Chechen State University

The aim of the conference

The purpose of the conference is to familiarize with the results of the latest scientific developments and the best world practices for the implementation of agro-climatic projects, the achievement of carbon neutrality, the protection and restoration of ecosystems, and the conservation of biodiversity.

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Conference Sections

Section 1. Engineering of the carbon sequestration function of ecosystems in climate projects

  • mathematical models of carbon balance and primary productivity of ecosystems;
  • technologies for remote metering of above-ground and below-ground phytomass;
  • IT-technologies in the implementation of climate projects;
  • the transition of enterprises to carbon neutrality;
  • greenhouse gas reduction technologies;
  • technologies for remote recording of agrochemical control of soils and respiration of greenhouse gases;

Section 2. Green technologies and sustainable development in agriculture and industry

  • green technologies in production and construction;
  • "Green" technologies in the manufacturing industry: trends in greentech areas in the industry;
  • ecosystems in regenerative land use;
  • implementation of forest climate projects as a tool for ensuring carbon neutrality;
  • carbon polygons: methods and technologies for carbon balance control.

Section 3. Achieving the goal of sustainable development: energy, economics, social management;

  • carbon-negative projects: energy transition as a tool for sustainable development;
  • risk assessment in the global energy sector;
  • technologies with reduced electricity emissions;
  • transboundary carbon tax;
  • development of carbon-neutral products.


Important dates


Registration and submission of articles in English - 15 June, 2022

Submission of articles in Russian is possible, subject to ordering a translation from the conference organizer on a paid basis

Conference dates

25 May, 2022

Please, email papers and documents to mmtge2022@mail.ru